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Anybody Had Experience With Buying Template Websites?

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I am thinking of recommending to someone to buy a website template from or some other web template website.

Has anybody had experience in this with clients? Was the outcome better/worse than expected?

I want a cheaper option for a customer and also I am not convinced with the quality of website development, design and creativity in China. I have been involved in website design in China and was not impressed with their design.

It's for a consultancy company and not a sophisticated website with e-commerce or other backend requirements (except Paypal).

The target market is global but mainly westerners not Chinese.
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    I know of a web company that when times got a little tough, resold the templates to clients with a big markup. I'm not sure I like the ethics there. I ran into one person who had a site done by that company during that time. The "customer" was not happy, having learned through surfing that his site was actually a template.

    That's the side story.

    The web company that used the templates was pretty happy with using them. In fact, I think the site you mention was one they used.

    I'm sure this isn't terribly helpful, but it's a story. And, I like stories.
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    Virago, you might look at

    I am NOT a customer, but after I looked at their offering, I opted to get Ken Evoy's email newsletters on web marketing. I've always been intrigued...


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