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Topic: Social Media

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Difference Behavior In Product Involvement

Posted by jiwangga.edpunair on 25 Points
hay guys, i make some research about the differences of behavior in low involvement product and high involvement product in purchase intention field on instagram. Using concept of browsing activity, flow condition, online trust, toward purchase intention.

are there any suggest for me? how should i make some specific focus on my report ?
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    What research have you done already?
    What tools have you developed?
  • Posted by dubois on Accepted
    Frame a hypothesis before designing the research.

    Include in your research some analysis of alternative hypotheses, rather than just directly testing one, which can introduce "congruence bias."

    If researching purchase/intent attribution, you may need to study more than just Instagram.

    Welcome to MarketingProfs!
  • Posted by jiwangga.edpunair on Author
    I using quantitative research with smart PLS data analysis. And then, what should i do if i have get result about the score comparison among high and low involvement product in indonesia, i mean what novelty can i suggest or analysis i can offer ?

    Btw, Tnnx for all of u for a kind respons

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