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Real Estate Company Unique Value Proposition.

Posted by championprops on 250 Points
In exchange for my buyer/seller Real Estate services I'm offering prospective customers a portion of my fees paid directly to the charity of their choice. I'm currently working on the website, the domain is

I need ideas on how to promote, advertise and brand, any assistance would be appreciated.

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  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    I hope you have researched the premise among a representative sample of your target audience. Do they find that to be a compelling promise? And, assuming you have researched it, what words did they use to explain their reactions? Those words/phrases contain clues to how you might want to promote, advertise and build your brand.

    The right way to address your marketing situation is to get into the heads of your target audience and deliver whatever they think would be meaningful.
  • Posted by championprops on Author
    My strategy is to target various Charities and also the general public. This is a unique value proposition with no or little competition.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    " ... [N]o or little competition" may be distinctive, but that doesn't necessarily make it compelling/appealing to your target audience. And "various Charities and also the general public" seems awfully broad for a target audience. ("General public" includes billions of people all over the world, and "various Charities" is so generic as to be useless from a marketing planning standpoint.)

    Did you consider other candidates for the unique value proposition? If so, can we see what they are and learn the rationale you used to settle on "various Charities and also the general public?" This doesn't seem like a rigorous basis for marketing your real estate business. It may be unique, but uniqueness isn't the only thing to consider when crafting a UVP.

    What important and unique BENEFIT can a buyer/seller expect when they hire you? How will you make their lives better?

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