Take 10: Personal Branding Strategy—How to Get Famous

Like businesses, every person has a brand. Your brand is your reputation; it's how people perceive you and what they say about you. But, personal branding is bigger than simply having a positive reputation—it's about growing your influence beyond your network.

In just 10 minutes, you'll learn how to grow your personal brand by scaling your influence. We'll share steps on how to stand out online, engage your audience, and enhance your reputation. You'll learn how to grow your followers and leverage content-creating habits that drive results.

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  • Presenter: Jeremy Miller
  • Element: Strategy
  • Topic: Branding, Career Management
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Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller is a brand builder, keynote speaker, and president of Sticky Branding, a brand-building agency. Jeremy helps companies stand out, drive sales, and grow sticky brands. He's also the author of Sticky Branding: 12.5 Principles to Stand Out, Attract Customers, and Grow an Incredible Brand, a Globe and Mail Bestseller.