MarketingProfs Career Day

This one-day virtual event features six sessions focusing on all things career-related. From an in-depth LinkedIn makeover to how to ace an interview during a pandemic, from powering up your job hunting to an inspirational kick in the backside (you know, just to get you moving!)—we're here to make sure you're on track to be the best you in 2021.

If there's ever been a time for a career day, it's now. Let's take the energy a brand new year brings and make sure you're as marketable as possible!


  • Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

    Having an up-to-date profile is key for your professional brand. In this session, Afiya Addison from the B2B Institute at LinkedIn will share profile best practices and show you how to connect to opportunities using the LinkedIn platform.

    Marketers will also learn how to build their personal brand on LinkedIn beyond the profile, leveraging thought leadership to transform themselves and their organizations.

    You'll learn:

    • Best practices for your LinkedIn profile including: choosing a photo, introducing yourself in the summary section, adding work experience, and more
    • The value that can be gained by following Pages, hashtags, and influencers on LinkedIn
    • How to create meaningful thought leadership and share your voice


    Afiya Addison
    • Afiya Addison
    • Global Program Manager
    • The B2B Institute @ LinkedIn
    • @afiyaaddison

    Afiya Addison is the Global Program Manager for the B2B Institute, a think tank funded by LinkedIn that researches the future of B2B marketing and decision making. Afiya is passionate about helping people develop themselves both personally and professionally, and through her work at LinkedIn she helps businesses and individuals promote their brand on the platform.

  • Find Your Red Thread—How to Build the Story of You (and How It Can Help With Interviewing During a Pandemic)

    So much these days relies on being seen and standing out. But when there is so much information competing for the spotlight, and we're all meeting virtually, how do you set yourself apart? How can you tell a story about yourself that people actually want to hear (and then want to hire you)? Thankfully, there's a surprisingly simple answer, and it lies in how we come up with our ideas in the first place.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Identify the key, universal elements to make sense of your individual story
    • Create and communicate the story of you in a way that's impactful and memorable
    • Learn a simple tool to tell that story over and over again, no matter the audience


    Tamsen Webster
    • Tamsen Webster
    • Message Strategist, Idea Whisperer
    • @tamadear

    As a professional "Idea Whisperer," Tamsen helps people find, build, and tell the stories of their ideas. She combined 20 years in brand and message strategy with four years as a TEDx Executive Producer to create The Red Thread®, a simple way to change how people see... and what they do as a result.

  • Professional Certification: How Marketers Can Gain a Competitive Advantage

    All well-developed professional fields afford their members opportunities for professional certification: sales, product management and, yes, marketing. This session will show you how to create opportunities and increase your competitive advantage using professional certification. You'll see how the AMA PCM® can be used to help increase your value proposition to employers and how to create strong personal branding and strategic differentiation in the job market.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Gain a professional certification in marketing and why it's especially important right now
    • Use professional certification to brand, position, and promote yourself in the marketplace
    • Put the AMA PCM® to work for you


    Greg Marshall
    • Greg W. Marshall, Ph.D.
    • Charles Harwood Professor of Marketing and Strategy
    • Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL

    Greg Marshall brings decades of marketing leadership in industry and academe. He is a global thought leader on how marketers should best prepare and position themselves for success. He played a central role in developing the American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer® program.

  • How to Get the Job You Never Thought Possible

    When you're thinking of applying for a new job or (*GASP*) changing career markets in general, the process can feel pretty intimidating. Sometimes you can feel pigeonholed into one particular role or position based on your existing skillsets.

    How can you gain experience when you're trying to get experience? Feels like a catch-22. The good news is that it's easier than you think. Industry transfers happen all the time and, in this session, we'll discuss how to strategically market your existing skills and abilities to get the job you never thought possible.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Maximize and properly showcase your existing skillset
    • Ace the entire interview process, from cover letter to closing call
    • Build the right relationships with the right stakeholders


    Lindsey Dal Porto
    • Lindsey Dal Porto
    • CEO and Founder at Forza Talent Partners
    • @lindseydal

    Lindsey Dal Porto is the founder of Forza Talent Partners, a boutique recruiting firm specializing in the placement of sales, engineering, and marketing professionals for startups. She is a passionate, people-curious recruiter who loves connecting people to their dream jobs and helping build world-class organizations.

  • Power Up Your LinkedIn Job Hunting Efforts

    With unemployment reaching record highs, having an effective presence on LinkedIn has never been more important. Yet much of the advice about how to use LinkedIn ignores a critical fact: LinkedIn uses some of the most advanced AI in the world to govern experiences, and if you're not working with it, it's working against you.

    In this 45-minute session, Christopher Penn guides you through 8 key areas of LinkedIn and how to maximize your job hunting results, from building a better profile to understanding how LinkedIn's AI views your activities.

    Note that this is all about helping you promote yourself as a professional; this is not a class on how to market your company/product/services on LinkedIn.

    You'll learn:

    • What LinkedIn's AI thinks about you and your activities
    • To tune up your profile to capture attention
    • What activities you MUST do to be seen by LinkedIn's algorithms
    • How to measure your efforts


    Christopher S. Penn
    • Christopher S. Penn
    • Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Trust Insights
    • @cspenn

    Chris is a recognized thought leader, best-selling author, and keynote speaker who has shaped Google Analytics adoption, data-driven marketing, modern email marketing, and AI in marketing. He's a co-founder of the PodCamp Conference and a co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast.

  • Unleash Your Primal Brain to Get SH*T Done!

    Why is doing the right thing so hard?

    Whether it's updating your resume, revising your LinkedIn profile page, or applying for a new job, do you find struggling to keep the simplest commitments to yourself and others?

    It doesn't have to be this way.

    Learn to harness the power of evolutionary psychology to create motivation and follow-through and achieve your goals!

    You'll learn:

    • Why doing nothing is the default option for your brain
    • How to motivate yourself with fear and pain avoidance
    • The power of commitment and externalizing accountability
    • Shaming and the weight of social sanctions
    • Playing with triggers to make good things easier and bad things harder to do

    Buckle up—you're about to become more productive!


    Tim Ash
    • Tim Ash
    • Keynote Speaker, Author, Marketing Advisor
    • @tim_ash

    Tim Ash is an acknowledged authority on evolutionary psychology and digital marketing. He's a sought-after international keynote speaker, and the best-selling author of Unleash Your Primal Brain and Landing Page Optimization. Tim has been mentioned by Forbes as a Top-10 Online Marketing Expert and by Entrepreneur Magazine as an Online Marketing Influencer To Watch.


As the largest community-based marketing association in the world, the AMA is trusted by marketing and sales professionals to help them find the tools and training they need to advance their careers. Our community of local chapters spans more than 70 cities and 320 college campuses throughout North America. We're home to award-winning content, PCM® professional certification, four premiere academic journals, and industry-leading virtual training events.
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  • Date: On-Demand — Access anytime!
  • Sessions: 6 presentations by top industry experts
  • Length: 30–45 minutes per session
  • Topic: Career Development
  • Price: $0


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