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  • Modern Email Metrics That Matter

    With the adoption of iOS 15/Mail Privacy Protection, internet service providers (ISPs) increasing reliance on subscriber engagement to determine inbox placement, and brands ranking the importance of email to their business at the highest levels ever, marketers need a refreshed set of metrics to understand the channel's direct and indirect impacts on our organizations.

    You'll learn:

    • About the new, refreshed email metrics
    • Why those metrics matter
    • How to effectively measure them


    Michael Barber
    • Michael Barber
    • Marketing Strategist, barber&hewitt
    • @michaeljbarber

    Michael's career began at Mighty Interactive, the agency founded by Jay Baer. He went on to hold leadership roles in strategy and planning at Sitewire, Nomadic Agency, and COHN, before establishing his own consultancy, barber&hewitt. In 2018, barber&hewitt joined Godfrey, one of the largest B2B agencies. Michael was named one of Marketo's Fearless 50, an award that recognizes the top marketers around the globe driving fearless marketing and digital transformation.

  • 6 Ways to Boost Email Engagement With Video

    Collectively, we send millions of emails every year. If you printed them out and stacked them up, they'd reach all the way to Mars (probably).

    And as inboxes reach max capacity, if you don't have a unique angle then your chances of reaching your audience are about as remote as that red planet.

    That's why more and more marketers have started to rely on video to help them stand out in the inbox and increase engagement.

    And while getting started with video might sound as scary as launching into space, the VP of Marketing at Vidyard Tyler Lessard wants to break it down for you.

    You'll learn:

    • Six email tactics to boost your engagement in 2022
    • Impactful places to use video in your email nurture
    • One video-based email every marketer needs this year


    Tyler Lessard
    • Tyler Lessard
    • Chief Video Strategist, Vidyard
    • @tylerlessard

    Tyler is a truly engaging, dynamic, and entertaining thought leader in the areas of B2B marketing, content marketing, video marketing, and video selling. As chief video strategist at Vidyard, he's spent nearly 10 years immersed in the world of B2B video, helping to define and share the latest best practices and industry trends for creating remarkable customer experiences with video across all aspects of marketing and sales. He is also the author of The Visual Sale and a frequent speaker.

  • Customer Journey Content for Email

    Email is one of the most successful—and most preferred—methods of communication to prospects and clients. This has been highlighted in the past two years, as many businesses moved to a work-from-home environment, making phone and direct mail campaigns much more challenging.

    Content is one of the most important aspects of your B2B email marketing campaigns. A positive customer experience is reliant on streamlining and acknowledging the many parts of the customer journey, from prospect nurture to billing notices.

    Creating a customer experience that suits your exact business is important. In addition to discussing which type of content is right for each phase, finding unique business touchpoints and measurements will be reviewed.

    You'll learn:

    • How to create a holistic strategy by combining transactional and promotional emails
    • The essentials of developing KPIs beyond clicks with specialized journey goals to show success in unusual ways
    • How to test new email ideas (beyond subject lines)


    Karin Holmgren
    • Karin Holmgren
    • Director of Marketing, Campaign Execution, IntelePeer
    • @karinatrandom

    Karin coded her first email newsletter in 2000. One of the very first certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email specialists, she is a Women of Email board member. She's held positions in Marketing in the insurance, business consultancy, and technology industries. Her favorite things—a combination of documented or automated processes, impacting people through change management, and leveraging progressive technology—are under the Marketing Operations umbrella.

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  • Date: January 14, 2022
  • Sessions: 3 presentations by top industry experts
  • Length: 45 minutes per session
  • Topic: Email Marketing
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