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  • Managing Customer Advocacy as a Pipeline

    Customer advocacy is vitally important to all companies. A highly specialized form of customer service, it can become—despite its benefits—difficult to manage, which is why pipelining can be of tremendous help.

    Organizations make two common mistakes with their customer advocacy programs:

    1. They are merely focused on customers who are willing and ready to be advocates.
    2. They don't leverage the Customer Success team to continually nurture potential advocates to help grow the program over time.

    In this session, Irit Eizips of CSM Practice will walk you through a strategic framework for developing an Advocacy Pipeline strategy in collaboration with Customer Success. By implementing this approach, you can double the number of advocates for your organization and accelerate the sales cycle.


    Irit Eizips
    • Irit Eizips
    • Chief Customer Officer & CEO, CSM Practice
    • @iriteizips

    Irit is a world-renowned expert in customer retention and upsell strategies. She has been nominated Top Customer Success strategist and influencer each year since 2013; in 2022 she was named a Top 50 Customer Success Influencer and Top 25 Most Innovative Leader in CX; and she was recognized as a Top 150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leader in 2021. Irit shares trends and innovative customer strategies on her YouTube channel, blogs, and podcast episodes.

  • Why Great Customer Experience Starts With Data Management

    Most companies think they have a good handle on customer experience or data management—or even both. But companies don't often think of those two as working together, when in actuality they do!

    Kelly O'Connell will explain why the tandem of customer experience and data management is the responsibility of not only Sales and Marketing but also the entire organization.

    You'll learn how to fix your potentially broken data management system, why that matters to the overall customer experience, and when you should pull in other teams and leaders to support the goal of having the best customer experience in the market.


    Kelly O'Connell
    • Kelly O'Connell
    • SVP of Product Strategy at ActiveCampaign
    • @kelly_virginia

    Kelly is senior VP of product strategy at ActiveCampaign, where she is responsible for shaping the product and pricing strategy, as well as ensuring that the company continually innovates and differentiates its products. Kelly has held leadership roles across product, sales, and customer success functions at ActiveCampaign. She has spent a decade in the marketing automation industry, educating users and building out marketing and sales processes.

  • Why Most Customer Journey Maps Lead to a Dead End, and How to Prevent That

    It's incredible how much has changed in customer experience and voice of the customer. New listening paths (beyond traditional surveys) and new technologies are providing a far higher quality and quantity of customer feedback data than ever before. Sadly, our journey-mapping efforts often do not reflect that new reality; as a result, mapping sessions fail to generate meaningful outcomes and leave the business skeptical about future CX initiatives.

    This session will cover several highly engaging and helpful customer journey mapping techniques, as well as provide inspiration on how to use the resulting journey maps to help change the hearts and minds of employees in relation to their customers.

    You'll learn:

    • How to build your listening paths to cover the end-to-end customer journey
    • What new tools and techniques available to collect different types of customer feedback
    • How to create maps that matter beyond the initial outcome of the mapping process


    Nate Brown
    • Nate Brown
    • Senior Director of Customer Experience, Arise Virtual Solutions
    • @CustomerIsFirst

    Nate is a perpetual student of the world's greatest experiences and the people who create them. He serves as the senior director of customer experience for Arise Virtual Solutions, and he can be found at a variety of conferences speaking and training on the CX topics he loves.


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  • Date: July 15, 2022
  • Sessions: 3 presentations by top industry experts
  • Length: 45 minutes per session
  • Topic: Customer Experience
  • Price: $0


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