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  • How to Conquer the Email Production Process

    If you've worked in email marketing long enough, you know sending an email campaign can be—way too often—a long and arduous task. From concept to production, and from testing to review, what seems like it should take minimal effort often turns into maximum pain.

    Developing a scalable email production process isn't easy. So, let's break it down, discuss tools and platforms that can help, and ensure you create a scalable process that doesn't drive your team mad.

    You'll leave this session with...

    • Lessons from being in the trenches with email teams for 15+ years
    • Tools to help scale your email production cycle
    • More ways your team can get emails out the door without driving each other crazy


    Michael Barber
    • Michael Barber
    • Marketing Strategist
    • @michaeljbarber

    Michael's career began at Jay Baer's Mighty Interactive agency, after which he went on to hold leadership roles in strategy and planning at Sitewire, Nomadic Agency, and COHN. He then established his own consultancy, barber&Hewitt, which eventually joined Godfrey, one of the largest B2B agencies. Michael has been named one of Marketo's Fearless 50.

  • Spice Up Your Email Marketing With OMG-I-LOVE-THIS Video Content

    Did you know that TikTok has more than 1 Billion users? Yes, billion. With a B. But what does TikTok have to do with email marketing? Everything.

    Expectations and preferences of B2B audiences are changing. They have no patience for boring content and no time to read that 30-page whitepaper. They want fast, fun, and actionable content that makes them shout "YES!! THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!"

    And when you give them that, they not only engage with your email messages but also eagerly wait for your next delivery. And they might even refer it to a friend.

    Join this session and learn how to...

    • Use engaging, exciting, and maybe even hilarious video content to spice up your email marketing
    • Employ tactics from the best YouTubers and TikTokers to maximize engagement and leave your audience craving more


    Tyler Lessard
    • Tyler Lessard
    • Chief Video Strategist, VP of Marketing | Vidyard
    • @tylerlessard

    Tyler is VP of marketing and chief video strategist at Vidyard, where he has spent nearly a decade immersed in B2B video marketing, video selling, demand gen, and customer experience. He's the host of the Full Funnel show and author of The Visual Sale. He's been named one of Marketo's Fearless 50.

  • Post-Purchase Retention: How to Marry Email to a Longer Buying Cycle

    Retention, retention, retention. It's a pillar of lifecycle marketing that everyone talks about these days. But when the customer deal is done, and you don't expect to see the subscriber again for an extended period, can you still use email marketing for retention?

    In this session, Naomi will run through how you can create a fantastic retention-focused B2B email marketing program, and she'll use examples of brands that have succeeded in maintaining a relationship post-purchase.

    You'll leave this session with...

    • Inspiration for your next retention campaign
    • A better understanding of when to let subscribers go
    • Metrics to measure the success of your retention program


    Naomi West
    • Naomi West
    • Senior Email and Lifecycle Marketer
    • @emailfromnaomi

    Naomi is a senior email and lifecycle marketer with 6+ years of experience in SaaS and e-commerce. She is passionate about email accessibility and loves to find unique email inspiration in her own inbox.


Vidyard is the video platform that helps your business transform communications and drive more revenue through the strategic use of online video. We help you connect with more viewers, learn powerful insights, turn insights into action, and prove the impact of your video programs.
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