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  • Three Ways to Make Email Marketing a Superpower

    You don't have much time! When your audience opens your email, the content needs to captivate readers, drawing them into the body and message.

    Lucky for you, creating engaging emails just got a lot easier. New AI tools can increase your efficiency and help you create both compelling copy and valuable visuals.

    In this session, email marketing thought leader and expert practitioner Dela Quist shows you how to use AI tools to create better emails that increase customer engagement.

    You'll learn:

    • What makes an email engaging for your audience
    • How to create compelling copy and imagery with AI tools
    • Tips to get a bigger budget for your email marketing campaigns


    Dela Quist
    • Dela Quist
    • Founder, Alchemy Worx
    • @DelaQuist

    Dela is an expert in customer engagement who has spent 20+ years improving the email industry for top brands, including Expedia, eBay, Disney, and American Express. The ANA Email Experience Council named him Email Marketing Thought Leader of the Year in 2022.

  • Crafting Connections: Achieving Goals With B2B Email Personalization

    Your audience has an overcrowded inbox, so how can you maintain a competitive edge?

    With hyper-relevant, truly personalized experience. Which means your email strategy needs to be carefully crafted to target your subscribers' problems and interests.

    In this session, Angie shares how her B2B marketing team at Litmus boosts engagement and connection with their subscribers by using smarter email personalization.

    You'll learn:

    • The current state of B2B email marketing: how it's changed and where it's going
    • How to improve your marketing personalization for increased success with email
    • Actionable tactics your team can use to achieve your goals—starting today


    Angie Weyman
    • Angie Weyman
    • Product Marketing Manager, Litmus
    • @litmusapp

    With 10+ years of email marketing experience, Angie understands the unique challenges email marketers face every day. She is eager to share her knowledge to help marketers with actionable tactics in email marketing and personalization.

  • Getting Growing: Email Marketing List Growth Online... and Offline

    Once you've optimized your email creative and strategies for the best return on investment, email marketing can make you $20+ for every $1 you spend. Logically, you'll want to spend more to make more!

    But to grow your revenue, you have to grow your list.

    Unfortunately, there are ways to grow your email list that can hurt you, especially in today's privacy-obsessed world. And you can earn revenue from new subscribers only if they're engaged.

    In this session, Jessica Best—chief strategist of BetterAve—will share the right ways and the wrong ways to grow and engage your email list.

    You'll learn:

    • Tips to optimize your sign-up form, increasing your email capture rate for "free"
    • How to prepare for list growth... so when it does grow, you get the most out of every subscriber
    • High-performing paid tactics to speed up your list growth—and the one tactic you must avoid


    Jessica Best
    • Jessica Best
    • Owner/Chief Strategist, BetterAve
    • @bestofjess

    Jessica has 15+ years of experience in email and CRM marketing. She helps clients drive revenue from data-backed marketing. Jessica is the owner and chief Strategist of BetterAve, focused on implementing marketing best-practices and martech harmony.


Litmus provides the leading email personalization, optimization, and collaboration software, giving marketers what they need to create highly personalized customer experiences at scale—including tools for campaign development, testing, AI-driven content recommendations, and post-send insights.
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  • Length: 45 minutes per session
  • Topic: Marketing Content, Email Marketing, Artificial Intelligence
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