Three Ways Marketers Bring Sales Content to Life With Digital Rooms

By 2026, 30% of B2B buying interactions will happen in Digital Rooms, according to Gartner.

What's a Digital Room? Imagine a deal-specific microsite that's designed for marketers to guide seller-buyer collaboration with the right content, messaging, and resources situationally. Join us and learn how this cutting-edge technology for marketers helps you collaborate with sales, analysts, and other stakeholders to drive results.

You'll learn how Digital Rooms help with three crucial marketing elements:

  • Analyst Relations: Use Digital Rooms to streamline analyst briefings, foster deeper relationships, and secure valuable endorsements for your products
  • Product Launches: Transform your product launches into immersive and interactive experiences, leveraging multimedia content and fostering real-time seller-buyer collaboration to leave a lasting impact on your audience
  • Sales Content: Guide sellers to create deal-specific centralized hubs to showcase your content in the right manner—enabling efficient content distribution, intent tracking, and a more buyer-centric sales process

Deniz Olcay and Jake Miller of Allego will share best practices and hands-on tips for optimizing Digital Rooms to maximize engagement and ROI in your marketing efforts.

Whether you're a seasoned product marketer or a marketing enthusiast, this webinar will equip you with valuable insights to harness the power of Digital Rooms.


Deniz Olcay

Deniz Olcay, VP of Marketing at Allego, is intimately familiar with the challenges of selling virtually. He managed a portfolio representing over $650M in annual revenue at D&B, and he was directly responsible for creating sales learning programs at the RAIN Group.

Jake Miller

Jake Miller, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Allego, joined the company after commercial launch to help establish Product Marketing and lead ongoing strategic use-case development and commercialization efforts. Passionate about sales performance, Jake incorporates his experience as a salesperson in the commission-only high-ticket retail world into his approach to product marketing at Allego.


Sponsored by Allego
Allego is the future of revenue enablement. Its Modern Revenue Enablement Platform transforms traditional methods by illuminating field learning, delivering content and experiences for modern buyers, and uniting revenue teams for continuous improvement and growth.
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  • Date: On-Demand — Access anytime!
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Presenter: Deniz Olcay, Jake Miller
  • Sponsor: Allego
  • Topic: Account-Based Marketing, Demand Generation, Martech
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