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  • Free the Hamsters: How to Create High-Impact Content (Without Magically Adding Budget)

    Congrats, modern-day superhero! You do something incredibly hard: content marketing.

    Just one problem: the content marketing hamster wheel. It has you producing greater volumes without making greater impact. (And thanks to AI, it has never been easier to create mediocrity at scale.)

    But there's a better way that's good for your results and your audience. In this hilarious yet practical session, Jay Acunzo will have you thinking less about the volume of your content and more about the power of your ideas.

    It's time to free the hamsters.

    In this session, you'll learn how to...

    • Increase the impact of anything you create without having to magically add resources
    • Elevate the value and originality of your content by using a powerful framework
    • Escape the content hamster wheel to resonate deeply and stand out more easily


    Jay Acunzo
    • Jay Acunzo
    • Author, podcaster, and cofounder of Creator Kitchen
    • @jayacunzo

    Jay helps experts become storytellers. A former marketer at brands like Google and HubSpot, he helps clients to get off the hamster wheel and produce more valuable, more original content. Jay is a proud New England resident obsessed with the Knicks and homemade pizza.

  • AI Unleashed: A Deep Dive Into Content Strategies for 2024 Success

    Is your company expecting to produce more content than ever in 2024?

    About half of B2B marketers are turning to AI to meet the content demand. But how are they managing it?

    During this session, Ariana Keil will take a closer look at Canto's 2024 State of Digital Content report to uncover strategies that can align your team and ensure maximum value from your martech stack.

    In this session, you'll...

    • Understand the challenges and opportunities associated with the surge in content demand
    • Gain insights into successful brand strategies to increase content ROI
    • Learn how to efficiently scale content production to meet rising demand

    Join us as we navigate the evolving landscape of digital content, providing you with the tools and strategies to excel.


    Ariana Keil
    • Ariana Keil
    • Sr. Growth Marketing Manager, Canto
    • @Canto

    Ariana is the Sr. growth marketing manager for Canto. With a background in both B2B sales and marketing, she has a passion for GTM strategies that holistically target the entire buyer's journey. Ariana believes in the power of content to drive engagement and build brand equity.

  • Future-Proofing Your Content: AI Strategies and Governance

    The future is now—but is your marketing team ready for AI?

    Probably not. Most AI results are mediocre and require extra work to make them usable. But clear, practical uses of AI can revolutionize your content marketing.

    Ahava's session is a must-attend for any B2B marketer or team leader looking to stay ahead in the digital era with innovative AI solutions.

    In this session, you'll...

    • Develop strategies for applying governance and policy in AI adoption in your team
    • Explore the impact of AI on search and digital marketing, and understand how to use AI in your marketing
    • Learn how to integrate AI into your marketing with confidence and creativity


    Ahava Leibtag
    • Ahava Leibtag
    • President, Aha Media Group
    • @ahaval

    Ahava has 20+ years of experience in marketing. She is the president and owner of Aha Media Group, working with some of the world's largest healthcare firms to attract and grow their audiences. In 2020, Ahava was inducted into the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame.


Canto is a leader in digital asset management (DAM) software, serving many of today's top brands in manufacturing, transportation, technology, and more. Its intuitive solution gives you a visual way to centralize, organize, and share all your digital brand assets, so you can save time and gain a competitive edge.
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