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  • Lead Gen That Works

    Brendan finally figured out why B2B was boring: checkbox marketing.

    Daily emails. Weekly blogs. Bi-weekly podcasts. Monthly webinars. Annual events.

    But it doesn't work. We've reached the apex of timing + channel marketing strategy. Time to try something that does.

    In this session, Brendan Hufford unveils four ad-free lead gen strategies that you can implement TODAY:

    • Community-led marketing, the moat that keeps competition away
    • Demand-focused content, the secret weapon that builds massive brand awareness, attributable customer generation, and a talent pipeline
    • Revenue-focused content, targeting your in-market audience using a new "3S" strategy that directly impacts revenue pipeline
    • Authority-building, to become the journalistic center of your industry, with influencers and amplifiers knocking down your door—plus, industry insights not found anywhere else


    Brendan Hufford
    • Brendan Hufford
    • Founder, Growth Sprints
    • linkedin.com/in/brendanhufford

    After a decade working as a high school teacher and assistant principal, Brendan led the SEO team at two agencies, later leading growth marketing efforts at ActiveCampaign. In 2021, he founded Growth Sprints, helping SaaS companies scale from $10M to $100M annual recurring revenue (ARR).

  • Beyond Business Cards: Mastering Trade Show Lead Generation

    Effective lead generation at trade shows is much more than collecting business cards. It's about crafting memorable experiences and guiding visitors on a journey that elevates your brand while providing valuable insights to qualify leads, build sales pipeline, and exceed your business goals.

    Join Brian Lanning, senior managing director of key accounts at Skyline Exhibits, as he outlines a comprehensive face-to-face lead generation strategy designed to maximize your ROI.

    Brian will cover each stage of the process, from pre- to post-show, including defining objectives, targeted campaigns to boost booth traffic, exhibit design that aligns with your objectives, digital activations to qualify leads, and the right qualification questions to gain MQLs through strategic conversations.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Make your trade show investment productive and develop a pre-show strategy that attracts the right attendees
    • Create an exhibit experience that generates qualified leads
    • Gather the right information for your sales team to build a strong pipeline


    Brian Lanning
    • Brian Lanning
    • Senior Managing Director, Key Accounts, Skyline Exhibits
    • @SkylineExhibits

    With 20+ years in the trade show and events industry, Brian applies his expertise in face-to-face marketing to create engaging and impactful exhibit experiences. Through collaboration, he understands clients' business goals, brand identity, and target audience to develop measurable exhibits from initial strategy and design to implementation.

  • Stop Creating Buyer Personas, Do This Instead to Drive More Leads

    How much do you really know about your audience?

    Turns out, more than half of marketers don't even know basic demographic information about their audience. It's no wonder that the disconnect between the business and the buyer is so wide!

    In this session, Moni Oloyede reveals a new way to create buyer profiles. With a truly useful buyer profile at hand, you'll be able to create a genuine connection with your target audience to generate more leads.

    Join Moni's session to discover how to:

    • Create a buyer profile that is actually effective (using Moni's novel approach)
    • Explore your audience's emotional drivers and their core beliefs—so you can fuse your marketing with their values
    • Craft a story around your buyer profile and your products that will generate more qualified leads


    Moni Oloyede
    • Moni Oloyede
    • Owner & Founder, MO MarTech
    • @MoniOloyede

    Moni is the founder of MO MarTech, an agency that specializes in teaching business professionals how to get to the core of any business issue to solve it once and for all. Moni is a seasoned marketing expert, boasting 15+ years of experience in marketing.


At Skyline, we understand that every trade show is an opportunity to create a lasting impression on your audience, generate leads, and achieve your business objectives. That's why we offer a full range of services under one roof—ensuring you have everything you need to create high-impact exhibits that elevate your brand.
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  • Sessions: 3 presentations by top industry experts
  • Length: 45 minutes per session
  • Topic: Customer Experience, Demand Generation
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