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  • Seven Human-Behavior Hacks That Make Your Email Crazy Effective

    Do you follow all the best-practices for email creation... but still don't get the response you want?

    That's because today there's more to success than targeted lists, compelling offers, and perfectly executed creative.

    Scientific research has proven that people don't operate in rational, considered ways. So to boost response, you need to tap into people's instinctive decision-making shortcuts!

    In this information-packed session, you'll discover:

    • 7 tactics that will get your target to open, read, and respond to your email—without even thinking about it!
    • Under-the-radar prompts that send readers clicking in one direction… or another
    • Numerous examples from various verticals, preparing you to create insanely effective emails that prompt the desired actions


    Nancy Harhut
    • Nancy Harhut
    • Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing
    • @nharhut

    Getting people to take action is Nancy's specialty! Blending best-of-breed creative with decision science, Nancy and her teams have won over 200 awards for effective digital and direct marketing. She is the CCO of HBT Marketing and a frequent conference speaker.

  • Why Email Deliverability Is Getting Harder

    Deliverability has fallen, and spam filtering rates have shown a significant upward trend, since Gmail and Yahoo started enforcing their new bulk sender requirements.

    But how are those changes impacting email senders like you?

    Join Guy as he analyzes Validity's global reporting data to show the factors driving this increase in spam filtering rates. He'll also draw on recent conversations with Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft to explain what's happening.

    You'll discover:

    • Why average spam placement rates for marketing emails have doubled in 2024—and the best way email marketers can respond
    • Common misconceptions (and the truth!) about the new sender requirements
    • Insider tips—from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft—to deal with this new deliverability challenge


    Guy Hanson
    • Guy Hanson
    • VP of Customer Engagement, Validity
    • @TrustValidity

    Guy, VP of customer engagement at Validity, has worked with global businesses to improve their email delivery, engagement, and revenue for 20+ years. Known as an email and data thought leader, he shares his passion through insightful commentary.

  • Make the Most of Your Trigger Campaigns With Clever Segmentation

    What's the quickest way to boost email results? Segmentation!

    Dig into the various ways you can quite literally "cut up your email audience" to help make your trigger-based campaigns even more effective.

    Go beyond first name personalization and start looking at buyer behavior and actions to develop your laser-precise marketing tactics.

    Join this session to discover:

    • The data sets and demographics you can use to segment your audiences
    • How data warehouses can help you build custom audience segments
    • The differences between Web-based and automation-based performance metrics


    Adeola Sole
    • Adeola Sole
    • Founder, Strategy CRM

    Adeola is a consultant, international speaker, and conference host. She runs Strategy CRM and partners with various global agencies. With 12+ years of experience managing complex email marketing strategies, Adeola enjoys sharing her knowledge with other marketers.


For over 20 years, tens of thousands of organizations worldwide have relied on Validity solutions to target, contact, engage, and keep customers—using trustworthy data as a key advantage. Validity's flagship products—DemandTools, BriteVerify, Everest, GridBuddy Connect, and MailCharts—deliver smarter campaigns, more qualified leads, more productive sales, and ultimately faster growth.
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  • Date: July 12, 2024 — 11:30 AM ET
  • Sessions: 3 presentations by top industry experts
  • Length: 45 minutes per session
  • Topic: Email Marketing
  • Price: $0


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