This is a good piece in w/ the CMO of Avaya - a $5B Telco out of Basking Ridge, NJ. A couple of lines I liked ...

She'd rather be in the field than be "someone who is pretending to do marketing in an office in headquarters," she says with an inflection that reveals her French background.
"You can create a beautiful advertising campaign but if it generates nothing, the company will fail."
Quite a pragmatic view - talk to your customers and generate results.

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I work as a Principal Consultant for a small sales and marketing consultancy. I help companies (small to large) to define their "story," determine their targets, refine their communication mix, codify their best practices, engage in business conversations, and reinforce and measure each component. I take a more holistic vs. localized approach. Most problems have downstream impacts and upstream drivers.I like to run, write and read. I used to work as a School Psychologist in the mid 90's.