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Seth Godin says so. At least so says the title of his latest book, All Marketers Are Liars. However, once you start reading the book, it's clear that what Seth means is...

...that All Marketers Are Storytellers. He even admitted it at a recent IIR conference in Las Vegas. He is right to point out that there is perhaps no more important job for the entire enterprise, and, if marketers do not tell the master story, no one will. Never short on examples, Seth has great stories posted on his "Liars" blog.
Problem is, top execs will not read the content of the book, but seeing the title and the mug with the Pinocchio nose will just reinforce what they already believe about marketers. We marketers need to manage our image in the minds of our internal customers if we are to increase our power, influence and business impact.
At MarketingPorfs, our mission is to make marketers current and effective. And sometimes that means managing the perceptions of marketing inside our companies. Allen Weiss, Publisher of MarketingProfs, has written about how we can get more respect, and I have written about how to make marketing matter to your CEO and CFO.
Let us know about what your are doing that works to increase the stature of marketing inside your organization.

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Roy Young is coauthor of Marketing Champions: Practical Strategies for Improving Marketing's Power, Influence and Business Impact.