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Branding is more and more becoming a multi-sensory experience....

And no industry is employing sensory branding more than the hotel industry. If you opened your New Yorker magazine recently, you probably saw the new ad for Westin. But this ad didn't include the picture of a Heavenly Bed or a trendy lobby. It was a scent strip .... introducing the new fragrance of Westin .... white tea.
Westin isn't the only hotel chain doing this. In fact, all of the Starwood brands (Sheraton, W, Luxury Collection, Aloft, Four Points, Le Meridien, St. Regis) will have their own scents. And other hotel chains are doing the same. Omni hotel, of example, has chosen lemongrass as their standard scent. And the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris has its own custom designed scent .... just for this one hotel- created by a famous French parfumier. It contains 16 different elements.
Branding with the senses is powerful. The sense of smell is the best at bringing back memories. So it is ideal for reminding people of a brand experience.
Are you employing all the senses in your branding campaigns?

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