The number one carbonated beverage company in the world has finally lost touch with reality....

Their new global slogan -- 'The Coke Side of Life' -- seems to have been created haphazardly due to Pepsi gaining ground on marketshare.
After being exposed to a half-dozen of these spots the last few months, it's now crystal clear why Coke's first quarter sales this year are as flat as an open can of soda. There's no unified theme and each individual spot is more bizarr than the next one -- trying to be all things to all people.
Over the years though Coke has always successfully keyed its advertising to the mood of society - I guess 'the Coke side of life is a life filled with individuals who suffer from attention deficient disorder because I have no idea what the #@$& they are talking about.
I think Coke needs to go back and take a deeper look into the consumer research studies they conducted; weaving together the large amounts of insight and analysis to create a single-minded 'springboard' for creativity. This will allow the creative team to come up with different ways of conveying the basic promise of Coke.
Remember the brand promise? "Have a Coke and a Smile" emphasized the reliability and reward in drinking Coca-Cola, or "Coke Adds Life" emphasized refreshment and tried to show Coke as the perfect accompaniment to food, fun, and leisure. And who can forget "Coke Is It!," with an emphasis on the product's qualities of taste and refreshment.
So Mr. Bubbly, tell me what's so special about 'the Coke side of life'!
To checkout the commercials:
Coke Commercials

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