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In this age of Web 2.0, what better way to stand out than to forego the job-search sites completely and pound the virtual pavement yourself...?

My friend Chris Clarke, who writes at StudentPR, landed himself a tasty position at the Ontario office of Thornley Fallis Communications almost single-handedly through his blog posts.
Kevin Mireles, a former Mitchell Product Manager, a few months ago re-launched–a site styled as a knockoff–after a brief stint with a garage startup that fell flat. At the very least, the site positions him as a creative thinker, self-starter, and someone who is kind to pets.
Kevin is a self-described adventurer-turned-journalist-turned-marketer (he once biked from Buenos Aires to Caracas, during which he had multiple near-death experiences, including two knife fights (sans knife); he is now (like many of us) a homeownerus-domesticus minivanicus. He has a wife and three beautiful girls and two female cats ("As a result, despite my best attempts, I'm always color coordinated when I leave the house.")
So how's it been going?
Kevin says: "It's been moderately successful in terms of actual job leads and not successful in terms of job offers–which is my primary success criteria. However, I have had a few people contact me about positions as a result of seeing the site, and in a couple of cases I was called in for interviews for positions I probably wouldn't have been interviewed at all because of the site."
What's most interesting, Kevin says, has been his struggle with how to position the site–sure, it's funny, but he's also dead-serious in trying to find a job.
"What's funny is that while I'm incredibly good at helping other people identify their key value props and communicating their message clearly and crisply, I struggle to figure out my own message," Kevin says. "I actually had a breakthrough today that's so incredibly basic, it's not funny. Essentially, I need to tailor my message to the potential audience and focus on the most likely market."
Among other things, he needs to "make the site more interactive and push the content to people...rather than making users click on the references link, I need to have rotating quotes on the homepage so that visitors have more of a reason to keep reading and clicking.
"[And] I need to figure out how to make the site truly viral. I'm thinking of opening it up to all Kevins so that any Kevin can add their resume to the site.
"Besides getting a job, my goal is to get the site mentioned in a major publication so that I can get my 15 minutes of fame."

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