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So I'm parked at a Sonic, ordering my kidlet some chicken strips and tater tots when she suddenly starts bouncing up and down in the back seat hollering, "Look, Mom! It's one of those Geek Squad cars...!"

She got all excited about spotting the black and white VW parked nearby because "it's just like the ones on TV!" Ah, how proud I am to be raising such a brand-aware little consumer.
Then came the surprise.
As we're waiting for the carhop to bring our order, a very geeky guy in a white shirt, skinny necktie and black pants knocks on my window. He says, "Your little girl caught my attention. Do you mind if I give her a Geek Squad t-shirt?"
Aside from being a cool story to tell, why was this significant? My daughter might now be a fan of Geeks for life. And I was keenly aware of (and impressed by) an effective random act of marketing.
Go, Geek Squad!
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