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With this latest round of heightened security...we are now in an ever-increasing era of being a consumer that requires patience....

We're all going to have to learn to cool our jets (accidental pun intended) for our own safety as the waiting time on all aspects of airline travel increases. This is quite counter-intuitive for us as consumers expecting quick service and quick turn around.
Add to this a new set of frontline skills that none of us ever expected that would be required in the US: fear management.
I was in the airport flying home the day the heightened security measures went into place. I have to hand it to the airport personnel and TSA personnel. They took a challenging situation and made it go as well as it could. Not knowing what to expect, most travelers arrived at the airport HOURS in advance. And while there were literally no choices for us as consumers aside from throwing away all of our expense hair care products so we could roll your wheelie bag into the plane - there was respect, patience and understanding.
Interesting that having stripped away all of our options as consumers, we were given human kindness and understanding. The tangible and obvious services replaced with the intangible and often elusive service took its place and it did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
How is everyone else doing in their travels during this period? Are you finding people stepping up, or has 'Fear 101' management not made it to your neck of the woods?

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Jeanne Bliss began her career at Lands’ End where she reported to founder Gary Comer and the company’s executive committee, ensuring that in the formative years of the organization, the company stayed focused on its core principles of customer and employee focus. She was the first leader of the Lands’ End Customer Experience. In addition to Lands’ End, she has served Allstate, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker Corporation and Mazda Corporations as its executive leading customer focus and customer experience. Jeanne has helped achieve 95% retention rates across 50,000 person organizations, harnessing businesses to work across their silos to deliver a united and deliberate experience customers (and employees) want to repeat. Jeanne now runs CustomerBliss (, an international consulting business where she coaches executive leadership teams and customer leadership executives on how to put customer profitability at the center of their business, by getting past lip service; to operationally relevant, operationally executable plans and processes. Her clients include Johnson & Johnson, TD Ameritrade, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals, Bombardier Aircraft and many others. Her two best-selling books are Chief Customer Officer: Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action and I Love You More than My Dog: Five Decisions that Drive Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad. Her blog is She is Co-founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.