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Jones Soda started it way back in 1998 when you could customize the soda bottle label. Now, many Consumer Packaged Goods companies are getting in on the act....

Heinz now sells customized messages on ketchup bottle labels for $6 per bottle. And Wheaties, the breakfast of champions, lets you customize the box with your own photo. According to USA Today, Barbara Bush gave one to George Bush with a picture of him skydiving.
And it's not just on the labels, but on the food itself. You can put your name on M&Ms; and for $49.95, Hershey lets you do the same on a five-pound chocolate bar.
Personal branding of gifts and other items has been around for a long time. But co-branding with major consumer products manufacturers is relatively new. But it's sure to take off as we look for more and more opportunities to customize experiences and express our personal brands.
This is an incredible opportunity for building your personal brand. It lets you augment or reinforce your brand attributes with the attributes of the product.
On what food item would you like to see your name?

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