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Getting high rankings with a blog is child's play -- with the right mentor by your side and tools at hand. With a few hours of SEO training, my 15-year-old daughter cracked the code on making money while she sleeps! How...?

A search engine optimized blog about Neopets, decked out with Google ads, of course!
Every day when she comes home from school, she logs in to AdSense to check how much money she had already made that day. She earns, on average, $10 to $20 per day -- which surely beats a paper route or babysitting job! I imagine your stakes are a bit higher. No problem. This stuff works on a much grander scale too.
If you have a blog, here are a sampling of ways to supercharge it for the search engines:

  • Add a tag cloud and tag pages to your blog and then optimize those tag pages.

  • Offer links to related posts.

  • Add a Top 10 Posts list to your home page with text links to those posts that you most want to pass link gain (e.g. PageRank) to.

  • Add intro copy rich with keywords to the top of the page through the use of sticky posts.

  • Create custom title tags for your permalink pages, category pages, and the home page.

    To this end, I've authored a WordPress plugin called SEO Title Tag. With it you can define a custom field which will be used as the title tag, reverse the post title and blog name for better keyword prominence within the title, shorten or eliminate the blog name from your title tags, define a custom title tag for your home page, use the category's description as the title on category pages, and place the tag name into the titles on tag pages. I don't know if there's anything similar for Movable Type.

Want more blog SEO tips? Then check out my blog optimization tag page.

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