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I come to you, the marketing elite who don't play in my circles of affiliate marketing. Ok, well, you might, but probably not as deep in the water....

I say that not to be arrogant, it's just that the affiliate marketing circles are pretty small and close, therefore we need an outside perspective.
So I need your input as "outsiders" who play in the same marketing game, just not with the exact same ball. All of us tend to get polarized in our own little world, and recently I've been thinking about one specific question in that regard.
What is affiliate marketing's brand? When you think of it, what comes to mind?
I should also point out that this is a good exercise for any marketer to put to use. I think what you'll find, as I have in other areas, is that what your customer and/or the rest of the world thinks, is drastically different than what you think.
And how can you market a brand if you don't know what they think of it?

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