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I'm preparing for a speech I'll be giving at the Marketing 3 conference in the Netherlands where I'll be "über-coolly" flanked by Chris Anderson, Stefan Engeseth and Ilya Vedrashko (makes me wonder what they were smoking when they called me :-) ....

While I won't use this video, I did want to bring it to your attention, as it elegantly brings home a point I've been making for a while, possibly related to the mid-life anxiety of just turning 40. :-)
But still, did we really all join the wonderful marketing trade to shuffle GRPs, bicker over budgets and chase yet another piece of mindless creative which no one cares about, except perhaps a few media sellers only who pretend to like us anyway ?
Or did we join it to make a difference? To use the millions at our disposal to really do something useful in the process as well. To really affect people, even only in a little way.
Is this what you would want your kid to say ? I know my answer... what's yours ? Think and decide. Wake up !!
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Alain Thys is a founding partner of Futurelab, a marketing, strategy and business model innovation boutique which helps companies identify new profit opportunities in an ever more complex world.

In this role he also edits Futurelab’s blog, which is the first step to establish a co-creative community of innovators from business, science, politics and the arts.

Alain considers himself a storyteller and agent of change. His core skill is to make complex business issues easier to understand and help senior executives translate them into strategies that inspire their customers, staff and stakeholders.

In previous lives Alain has been in charge of retail and marketing at Reebok EMEA, done pan-European advertising & research at Mexx and as a VC was involved in 30+ start-ups ranging from European mobile payment systems to Indian industrial alcohol plants. The obligatory flirt with digital adventureland included two major dot-busts, and turning down the friends and family round in an unknown outfit called Netscape.

Alain is a regular speaker, has authored a number of seminars and in addition to occasionally ranting on blogs is working on two books he still hopes to finish before they’re out of date.

He is very happily married, has a great little son, and apart from his family he most enjoys cooking, the South of France and a good glass of Malt Whiskey. Like his role model Da Vinci, he considers simplicity to be the ultimate sophistication.