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How do you create a great logo? Here are 3 excellent guidelines...

* Design in black and white. Color can mask a design's weakness.
* Shape and style matter more than color. Most successful logos are sufficiently versatile to make a statement, whether on the side of a bus, on a business card or embroidered on a shirt.
* Color counts. Don't pick a color simply because it's your favorite.
Why am I telling you all this? Because I learned as much in Friday's Get to the Point newsletter, What Makes a Great Logo. I love that the newsletter is simple, succinct, actionable. Think of it as a PowerBar for small business marketing.
Get to the Point, published three times a week by MarketingProfs, offers Small Business Secrets in 60 Seconds. Written by Christian Gulliksen and edited by Managing Editor Val Frazee, the newsletter debuted only a month ago. But already, I'm digging it! (And if your inbox looks as crowded as mine, that's saying something.)
Christian and Val are delivering actionable advice you'd expect from MarketingProfs, but in a fun, bite-sized format. Recent issues include: When to Issue a Press Release Two Google Research Tricks, How to Drum Up Word of Mouth and Five Hints for Effective Survey Design. See all recent issues here.
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