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What makes a marketer a great marketer? Here's what I mean. In order to truly be great at something, you need to have the one, most important skill or trait that you must have to excel. For example, a great track runner needs to be really fast, or a great builder needs to understand architecture better than others, right? So what makes a great marketer?

What is the one defining quality that all great marketers posess that makes them stand out from the rest?
Is it the ability to understand their target then give them what they want?
Is it their knowledge of marketing tricks and techniques?
Is it their prowress at selling themselves as a great marketer?
All good questions.
Is it impossible to define a marketer to one specific trait or skill?
I couldn't think of a better place than the Daily Fix to ask these questions. So, dear readers, and fellow authors/marketers. What do you think?

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