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Recently I examined the top 25 marketing blogs on the web, as stated by The Viral Garden.

The results were interesting to say the least. Specifically, there's one stat that I wanted to focus on, and that was that only 8 out of the 25 marketing blogs chose to include ads on their blog.
This got me thinking... Why don't marketers like ads on their blogs?
It seems kind of silly at first doesn't it? I mean, we're the marketers, and we are the ones out there trying to get others to spew our marketing messages, yet, we don't want to do it ourselves.
Perhaps we're too snobby to think that we need ads? Or maybe we feel that ads cheapen our brand? But shouldn't we practice what we preach?
From my feedback over the years, I've come to conclude the following about why marketers and bloggers don't want ads on their blogs.
"I Don't Put Ads On My Blog Because..."
1. My real estate is too valuable to give away.
2. I'm building my own brand and selling my own products/books, so why should I?
3. Ads are ugly, I hate them.
4. I can't make any "real" money, so why bother?
5. I don't want some ugly "dating-type" ads on my blog.
6. I don't need too, I'm rich already (Seth/Guy).
And so on...
If you don't have ads on your blog? Why not?

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