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Following a dinner best described as highbrow surf-and-turf, William Arruda closed out the first day of our conference with a pitch for the value of personal branding. The scope of his program sounds a little exhausting–frankly–but he makes a compelling case for its usefulness.

The alliterative process includes three steps:
* Extract. Start by unearthing your unique promise of value–how is what you offer different from those with similar interests and experience? When we connect our passion with what we do, says Arruda, we're unstoppable.
* Express. Build a personal media plan to heighten your visibility with those who can make you successful. Be clear about who you are, and who you're not.
* Exude. Convey a consistent message in every aspect of your life, from your appearance to the design of your office to the briefcase you carry. Everything sends a little message about your brand.
I can't argue with Arruda's premise that personal branding–done well–has the potential for a great payoff. I absolutely agree with him. But I wonder about the effort it takes to stay on message 24/7. Despite the fact that it's about being authentic and true to yourself, the execution sounds so deliberate, almost artificial.
What do you think?

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Christian Gulliksen is a writer who has authored several of the Get to the Po!nt newsletters for MarketingProfs. A former editor at Robb Report, he has also contributed to Worth, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter.