Marketers may be from Venus and IT guys from Mars, but Marketing nonetheless needs to understand what IT is talking about. This week, we introduce a new short video series for marketers, produced by Matt Dickman in association with MarketingProfs. First up: RSS, now really, really simplified.

The video is part of a regular "Whiteboard" series in which Matt deconstructs technologies that marketers should understand (but often don't). They also make for great instructional videos to share with clients.
"The next time you have a meeting where they're speaking geek, you can surprise them with your knowledge instead of just nodding along," Matt writes on MarketingProfs.
I'm excited about this series .... Matt has a gift for making complex technologies decidedly less so. In other words, he speaks your language.

You can subscribe to all of our future videos by clicking the "Subscribe" button on our new "MarketingProfs Channel" here.
One more thing -- if you have a specific technology suggestion that cries out for Matt's "Whiteboard" treatment, please suggest it below, or by email to me or Matt. THANKS!

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