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On most days, I adore technology. My computer is practically an appendage; I spend so much time on it. As a Boomer, I never take it for granted, having grown up with black and white TV and typewriters with carbon paper for copying term papers. But, when technology doesn't cooperate and chooses, instead, a coup d'etat, I want to scream!

I am working on client projects - yes, marketing work. That is how I make a living. But, alas, I must depend wholeheartedly on my computer for Internet research, communicating with clients 4000 miles away, and yes, copywriting, designing and strategizing.
But when my IT specialist says it's time to reformat, I cower with dreaded anticipation. I know what that means. As the Beach Boys used to sing, "Wipeout!"
I started on a Friday and didn't complete the process until halfway through Monday. I backed up everything onto my external drive and reloaded all my software. Why, oh why, isn't there a better way?
I thought my life would be better - that I could just click away on my keyboard and all would be well with the universe. Disheartened, I find myself lost without my personal contacts - all because I forgot to check a little box that says "include all sub-folders."
I am working again, thank goodness. But, now there are new bugs that irritate me. Things that didn't occur before. Maybe it's a conspiracy. After all, Vista is on the market, just crying for attention, What? 3 gigs of RAM - oh joy. I find myself reading technology ads even more and browsing tech sites. Oh, oh.
What about you? Do you have a love-hate relationship with technology?

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Elaine Fogel is president and CMO of Solutions Marketing & Consulting LLC, and a marketing and branding thought leader, speaker, writer, and MarketingProfs contributor. She is the author of the Beyond Your Logo: 7 Brand Ideas That Matter Most for Small Business Success.

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