Daily Fix contributor Steve Woodruff runs a series of posts he calls "Five in the Morning." At 5 AM, he highlights 5 blogs or posts or resources that are worth visiting. I like the concept, but 5 AM is way too early for me. So here are 9 at the more civilzed 9 AM...

The Viral Garden's Top 25 Marketing & Social Media Blogs Mack Collier updates his list every Wednesday. If you're not reading most of these, you should be.
Why Start a Blog and 25 Tips to Make It Work A great primer by Daily Fix contributor Valeria Maltoni.

The Ultimate Productivity Toolbox for Creative People
Tamar Weinberg offers free tools to manage your clients, and time.
How to Change the World Using Social Media The masterful Brian Clark on how social media has the ability to spread your message and organize a movement in ways that were previously not possible.
Digital-Marketing Series: 9 Ways to Reach Digital Natives (and the Rest of Us, Too) In case you missed it, I kick off my occasional series on digital marketing on the MarketingProfs site. This week, I talk about the reaching "natives" .... those who can't fathom a world without an internet. In other words, our kids.
Thinking Through Twitter Peter Kim always has an interesting take on thinks. Here are his thoughts (from a few weeks back) on Twitter. (Also, nice redesign, Pete!)
Free eBooks from Greg Verdino and Chris Brogan and Amber Naslund.
Holy Smokes! Steve Woodruff takes on smokin'-hot swag.
Age of Conversation 2 is selling like hotcakes. Arun Rajagopal talks about his participation.
Gavin Heaton on What Marketing Students Need to Know, in 140 Characters and on dialing it back.
And, finally, for nonprofits:
Beth Kanter on Your Nonprofit Should Not Adopt Social Media If–.
What are you reading today?

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