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On a company web site, the 'About Us' page can be a tricky thing. You need one, Jakob Nielsen says, because effectively explaining the company's purpose and what it stands for "provides essential support for all other website goals." Ah yes– but explaining it in a compelling and interesting manner is the tricky part.

The "About Us" page gives you an open slate to talk about yourself and your company. Unlike other pages of the site, you can feel free to wax on about YOU: What sets you apart, what makes your company tick. It's also a great opportunity to put a human face (or faces) and add some personality with your organization. People want to do business with other people.
But always, of course, you have to consider the needs of your reader. They might click on the page to read about you, but really want they want to know, ultimately, is what you can do for them. So while the "About Us" page is an opportunity to chat up your own bad self, you have to link them to the needs of prospective and existing customers.
We here at MarketingProfs have been thinking a lot about this lately, because we just reworked our own "About Us" page. The group photo, taken at a company retreat last April in Santa Barbara, CA, is still there. But instead of a dry list of our content and products, we've retooled the page. Now, we tell a bit about our story, relay our competencies, and give you a sense of the personalities, passion and actual humans behind MarketingProfs.
Check out the new About Us page here.
You know I love feedback: Tell me what you think about this About Us page, or others. Who else has an interesting approach on their company About Us page?

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Ann Handley is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author who speaks worldwide about how businesses can escape marketing mediocrity to ignite tangible results. IBM named her one of the 7 people shaping modern marketing. She is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, a LinkedIn Influencer, a keynote speaker, mom, dog person, and writer.

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