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Here's one of my worries as we continue to trudge through the murky waters of the recession. Business owners have always been an impatient lot, when it comes to marketing efforts. They plant the seed and then two days later, when nothing has sprouted, they dig up the seeds before they've had a chance to take root. Tactics that would have worked, given enough time, are aborted before they've had a chance. Lots of wasted time. Lots of wasted money.

But with the pressures of tougher times, I worry that the impatience factor will get even worse. And there are a lot of businesses who can't afford too many missteps.
So before you invest in a marketing effort, be sure you are willing to hang in there and take into account these factors:
How often do people need/want it? If you run a restaurant or sell ice cream .... you're in luck. Mail a coupon on Tuesday and you might see the family, coupon in hand, by Saturday. But on average, someone buys a car every 3-5 years. Own a car dealership and you might wait 18+ months after your first ad to see that person in your door.
Who the heck are you? Does the prospect recognize your brand? Do they know what you are all about? What makes you different from your competitors?
Who else is talking? Just like at a party, if you are the only voice talking, it's a lot easier to be heard. But, if you are one of many and others are talking louder and faster .... you can easily get lost in the din.
Where are you talking? What would happen if you stood up right in the middle of a church service and started talking? You'd get noticed, wouldn't you? That's because you are doing something unexpected in an unexpected place.
What are you saying? The most important factor of all. Are you talking about what the consumer cares about or are you talking about you?
If you're on the agency side, how do you help clients have the patience to let a campaign take root? If you're a business owner/marketer -- how do manage expectations within your organization so that your efforts are given enough time to have impact?

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Drew McLellan is the CEO of Agency Management Institute, a company serving 250+ agencies to help the owners build profitable agencies that evolve and scale.

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