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Maybe you've already seen this video, but if you haven't, it'll make you smile. Regular working people - hospital staff at Providence St. Vincent? Medical Center, in fact. What does it take to "make a difference" today? This proves that a single video can enlighten and create awareness without big bucks.

Using Web 2.0 for causes is smart marketing - excellent for awareness or building a specific brand. Heck, I saw this first on a CNN news report. Now, imagine if just 5% of the over 3.3 million YouTube viewers made a $10 donation to the hospital's foundation after watching this Pink Glove dance? That's almost $1.7 million! Not a bad ROI on the video production, wouldn't you say?
Nonprofits, in general, are still exploring the possibilities that new online tools present. However, without ample resources, it's a tough thing to do. So, next time you make a donation to your favorite cause, remember that it takes an investment in its infrastructure for them to do the job well. With stronger tools and resources, organizations can deliver on their missions more.

Do you agree? How much of YOUR gift should go to programs and services, and how much should be invested in the organization itself? Let's hear.
Kudos to Providence St. Vincent? Medical Center and the video producers for creating this fun piece.

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