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A guest post by Alexandre Sagala of Alsamarketing.

Your business probably spends a good deal of time and money on driving people to your website using different marketing channels. Now, having massive amounts of visitors every day is good---but if you can’t convert them into customers, then what's the point?

Would you prefer 100 visits a day with a 10% conversion rate or a 1,000 at 0.1%? I would pick the first. So how do you increase your online conversion rates?

  1. Make it easy. Be sure it’s easy for visitors to respond to your call to action or your offering. If you are trying to get visitors to fill in a form for a trial or a demo, make sure the form is simple and easy. You don’t need all 30 fields. Get the ones you need and then fill in the rest during further communications with your visitors. They shouldn’t have to work to provide you with their information.

  2. Test, test, test. This is a surefire way to increase online conversions. Test everything---forms, landing pages, anything. Testing will give you information that you can use to improve rates. Over time, this will guarantee higher conversion rates. One thing to keep in  mind when testing: Go slowly, and test only one or two thing at a time, so you know what worked and what didn’t.

  3. Offer multiple communication channels. Not everyone likes to use the same communications tool. Some people prefer phone, some choose email, and others might like filling in forms and getting a call-back. Make sure you have the tools in place to handle your prospects' preferred way of communicating.

  4. Know your visitors. Understand who your potential customers are. Understand how they speak, what matters to them, how they prefer to make decisions. Make your content and offerings relevant to them. To provide value, you need to understand what your visitors value.

  5. Provide a clear call to action. Make sure visitors know what you want them to do---and that they can actually find your call to action! This means make sure you call to action message is clear and direct, and that your call-to-action placement is prominent.

Alexandre Sagala is the co-founder of Alsamarketing, a provider of automated online marketing software for B2B marketers.

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