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A guest post by Tara Hornor of

Even though so much of marketing is done online now, the traditional 2.5”x3” business cards are still as significant as they have ever been. This tiny billboard that represents your business will stay in the hands of your potential customers for months and even possibly years. The better your business cards, the better impression you will leave.

Here are some fabulous tips for making your business cards stand out:

1. Give them flair.
As long as your business cards look professional and are easy to read, you can play with the design as much as you want. Use colors that draw attention and non-traditional fonts that suit your style. Graphics and photographs add character to any card, and this is an important design move that can give your clients a better idea of who you are.

2. Leave room to breathe.
You will probably be tempted to fill every corner of your business cards. This is not only unnecessary, it can often cause your cards to look cluttered. By using plenty of white space in your design, you will help to draw eyes to your information. With white space, viewers will be able to take in your information in just a quick glance, which is all the time some clients will give your card.

3. Add web addresses.
You would never forget to include your name and phone number on your business cards. Now that online networking is such a huge part of marketing, you should also never forget your web addresses. Include your website address first, and then add one or several social networking sites that you are a part of. Do not forget your email address as well.

4. Use contrast to create interest.
Contrast can be developed with colors, text sizes, and types of fonts. Using contrast can give your card a more structured appearance, so bold your title and shrink your other content. This contrast draws attention to the content that should be read first. Make sure your text color stands out well from your background color. If you do use more than one type of font to set apart information, limit yourself to only two different types so as not to clutter your design.

5. Carry a card holder.
The condition of your business cards gives almost as much of a professional appearance as the design of your business cards. Keep them clean and crisp without folds and smudges by carrying them in a card holder. Just imagine what an impact you can create when you open an impressive card holder and hand your prospect or client an inspiring business card. This thoughtful presentation of your card can really alert clients to what you have to say.

Nearly every businessperson needs business cards for effective networking, so use the tips above to design and print yours right away. Next time someone asks for your contact information, you will have an impressive card that you will be proud to distribute.

Tara Hornor writes about marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design, and desktop publishing. She works for, an online printing company.

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