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A guest post by Nehemiah “Nemo” Chu of Bloomfire.

"I was front row at the U2 concert."

Anyone who says that is probably one of the band's biggest fans. But think about the last concert you were at. What did the artist do after the show? If your experience was anything like mine, the artist probably disappeared backstage.

Today, I saw something different. The lead singers got off the stage, headed straight for the fans in the front row, and started shaking hands. Slowly, but surely, they made their way down the front row---from one end to the other---stopping every once in a while to pose for a photo. They slapped fives, made eye contact, grinned, and chatted. With every fan. Every single fan.

And this was a very big stage, which meant the front row was very, very long.

That's why this band is still in business a decade later. Steve Jobs uses this fancy marketing tactic too. He mingles with the audience after product announcements while they're playing with prototypes on display after the show.

In between marketing campaigns, consider hustling to delight your front-row fans. Or maybe ... make that your only campaign. Maybe in your business, there are no alternatives.

Some ideas for delighting your front-row fans:

Offer fans a sneak-peek of your upcoming product. Make it invite-only. And maybe even hand your front-row fans an extra invite—that way, they can bring a friend and evangelize on your behalf. Do it face to face or online using some screen-sharing
(GoToWebinar) or livestreaming solutions (Vokle).

#FF your front-row fans every week on
Twitter. RT their stuff. Learn a lesson from Sean “Puff” Combs—follow some of your fans.

Pick up the phone and get their opinion on a decision that would impact them.

Offer them early-bird discounted pricing. Discounts don't work for your business? How about offering limited-edition, exclusive packages at premium pricing?

Nehemiah “Nemo” Chu is an ambassador of Bloomfire.

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