Pinterest, Tumblr, now Facebook Timeline... Due to the popularity of visually appealing platforms, businesses need to heed the growing demand for visual content.

To help you brainstorm ideas for adding visual content to your marketing mix, I drew up a few infodoodles, then I put them in a slide show for you.

(If you'd rather have the non-colorful, text version of these tips, just read the quick list beneath the slide show in this post.)

If you'd rather not go through the slide show (even though it's superquick), here's the non-colorful version.

1. Select photos for your Facebook Timeline, Twitter page, etc., that let your brand's personality shine.
2. Have visual recordings of important talks to share. Highlights and key points of a talk are recorded as they are spoken in pictures, doodles, symbols, etc.
3. Create infographics. Use images to share data in a visually appealing way.
4. Add author photos to bylines. Photos help readers connect with authors.
5. Get a subscription to use stock images and use one (or more) in every published piece.
6. Create a visual summary of published content. (A summary lets an artist take her time. A recording is immediate and on the spot.)
7. Craft a slide show of notes from talks or bulleted info.
8. Use images from Instagram, Twitpic, etc., to spruce up articles.
9. Inspire users to share images with you to use.
10. Take photos of cool stuff folks usually don't see, new uses for your product, and your customers' stories.

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10 Ideas for Visual Content [Infodoodle]

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