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What words do you come across in marketing that make you grab your head and screech in agony? You know what I'm talking about... Are you driven crazy by the phrase "thinking outside the box"? How about "paradigm shift"?

We put the question to the MarketingProfs Facebook group, and the answers were fun and entertaining. We also found ourselves nodding at each suggestion.

Unfortunately, marketers do reach for the most-used words... and they do so without thinking about the meaning of the words. It's easy to just automatically add a dash of "thought leadership" or "the journey" ... and not take the time to think of bright and shining new expressions. But laziness in writing leads to laziness in the reader. Who hasn't abandoned an article or presentation strewn with exhausted phrases?

To help you pluck worn phrases from your own writing, I created the slide show below. Some Facebook comments lend themselves more to a visual than others or just made us laugh, and so I reached for my Sharpies and colored pencils to draw up a slideshow.

Enjoy the slideshow below of buzzwords that we need to put on the "Do Not Use Anymore!" list.

If you'd like to add some of your own most-hated buzzwords, please chime in the comments box.

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