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You've got fantastic content that you're eager to share. You know the content is a surefire hit, and you can already picture the high number of social shares and comments the content will receive. But then, you share your content---and no one says one darn, tootin' thing about it. What happened?

Some digital strategies are doomed because of the tragically flawed way marketers implement them.

In a free MarketingProfs virtual presentation (now on demand), Jason Thibeault discussed those flaws and tips for overcoming them.

I took visual sketch notes of that info to share.

So, how could you have avoided the curtains falling on your digital strategy?

To help marketers find (and resolve) a digital strategy tragedy, MarketingProfs hosted a free virtual presentation (now on demand). The speaker, Jason Thibeault of Limelight, discussed the three most common ways that marketers bomb on the digital stage... before they even open.

The first tragic flaw is thinking of mobile as separate from the core content. "Doing so means a more complicated workflow, slower time to market, and even more elements of  your digital presence to manage," said Thibeault.

The second tragic flaw is publishing your content to YouTube---without having a plan. Think about the consequences of just putting videos on YouTube all willy-nilly.  All you end up doing is creating more traffic and attention for YouTube, not your company. "When you send your users to YouTube," Thibeault said, "you break the connection with them."

The last tragic flaw that Thibeault mentioned was using social only to broadcast messages. Marketers know that, in theory, they should be engaging their customers via social networks, but many businesses still use social media to blast the same message in the same way across all their networks.

Want to find the solutions to those tragic flaws? (They can be solved!) Then check of the visual sketch notes that I took while listening to the free presentation.

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