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Some rock stars know how to wield social media … They use it to inspire greater devotion in their fans and help those folks spread their awesomeness in social networks. So, how can you use social media like a true rock star?

To find out, Marketing Smarts podcast host Kerry O’Shea Gorgone discussed such things (and more) with Mack Collier author of Think Like a Rock Star: How to Create Social Media Marketing and Strategies That Turn Your Customers Into Fans.

I seized the opportunity to educate myself more about social media … and to wield my Sharpies by taking visual sketch notes of the podcast.

Among the highlights of the podcast is the lesson to focus on your biggest fans to deepen the existing relationships and help those fans bring in new ones. Companies tend to focus on marketing campaigns to bring in new customers, but social media-savvy rockstars know your biggest fans (and their enthusiasm and energy) will inspire others to know more about you and purchase your products.

Here's a look at the sketchnotes from the podcast.

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