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Email, web copy, a blog post... At the end of the day, content needs to tell a good story. Content + zero story = wasted letters. (You can go ahead and tweet that if you like.) However, content + a good story = something shareable.

This recently came to life when Mashable shared a story of a Louisville sports anchor Adam Lefkoe delivering his sports update while working in five minutes of rap lyrics. I saw the headline and was intrigued.

I thought, “Wow! This is pretty creative!” Rap isn’t 100% up my alley, but I gave Lefkoe credit for working in (at his count) 46 references in about five and a half minutes. (He even crowdsourced that content from Twitter!) That’s about 8 references a minute---or one reference every 8 seconds or so. Rates vary, but it’s common for English speakers to speak at about 150 words per minute. That nets out to about an 825-word blog post.

I’ve written 800-word blog posts before. It is very challenging to get in 46 keywords, 46 hashtags, a list of 46 elements… 46 of anything! And Lefkoe does it here with rap lyric references!

But this isn’t his first time doing something like this. He also did a sportscast with Seinfeld references. It’s equally as good.

So, why the attention? The 11 p.m. sportscast is generally entertaining… for sports in your area. I’m not from Louisville. I don’t particularly care about what happened in sports there. But if Lefkoe keeps doing this, I’ll subscribe to a YouTube channel. He has taken an already interesting topic to his niche audience, but in using elements of theme and story, he makes his content more compelling, reachable, and more accessible.

It’s not modern-day magic, but it’s creative, admirable, noteworthy, shareworthy, and impressive. Don’t you wish all your content was?

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Alan Belniak works at a major Boston-based software company (PTC) focusing on product lifecycle management, where he is employed as the company’s Director of Social Media Marketing. In this role, Alan works in strategic and tactical fashions to find ways to use social media channels to better interact with customers, and to direct that feedback to marketing, R&D, sales, and other appropriate groups. Alan holds a bachelor’s of Science degree in engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA, and his master’s degree in Business Administration, with a focus on Technology Entrepreneurship, from Babson College in Wellesley, MA. Alan blogs over at, and can be found on Twitter, too: