"We live in a D-world," stated Thomas Le Thierry d'Ennequin from Vizeum at this year's Golden Hammer conference. While listening to the talks, I counted five D's: disruption, deconstruction, de-planning, de-materialization, and de-creativity.

We are now living in a marketing world characterized by 5 D's. So let's explore those D forces and how they make up new email and marketing trends.

1. Disruption: Unlearn everything you know

These days, it seems that wherever you look, an industry is being disrupted. Established businesses are always looking over their shoulders to make sure some app isn't trying to revolutionize their industries and way of life.

However, not only traditional businesses should be wary—email marketers should, too.

Joanna Bakas, the managing partner of LHBS Consulting in Germany, encourages marketers to "unlearn everything we have learned." Email marketers can't be complacent when people's daily lives online and offline continue to evolve. You won't attract clients' attention by sticking to old methods.

Email marketing (and every other kind of marketing, too) is still adapting to the mobile surge that began a few years ago.

One of the hot email marketing trends at the moment is extreme email personalization. Email marketing is moving away from bulk emails, and so we have to unlearn old strategies of "communicating to the masses" and instead learn the art of having intimate conversations with individuals.

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Liga Bizune is a marketer at ZoomCharts, provider of data visualization solutions for the creation of interactive charts and graphs; she also blogs for Mailigen, an integrated marketing platform.

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