Placing your business firmly in the spotlight, and keeping it there, is one way of remaining in the minds of your customers. You can do that by using printed marketing and promotion material to boost business.

Here's a look at seven reasons to use print marketing.

1. Print still has authority

Yes, the online world is powerful and not to be ignored, but there is something reliable and safe about having something in the hand. Printed materials—such as leaflets, business cards, banners, and posters—are tangible. Your customers still like "money off" coupons in the newspaper or the tear-off coupon at the bottom of a leaflet to put on their pin board, fridge door, and coupon books.

Enjoyment is still to be had in the printed form of marketing and advertising.

2. Print is gaining a following

You may think that the younger age group do everything online, but statistics suggest the opposite is true. Magazines, for example, based on particular subjects, from fashion through to fitness have seen an upswing in young readers, age 18-24 years.

What does this mean for printed promotional literature? It means that get the copyright, along with the images, and all printed material still can attract the customers you target.

3. Print means focus

How many times have you caught yourself unfocused by so much technology? You have six tabs open on your digital tablet as you browse the Internet, as the TV is on in the background, and you have a conversation via text or with someone beside you.

The online world and social media is fast-paced; we live our lives in a busy swirl, in a hive of activity. But we all need to slow down sometimes, and printed media is one way that we do this.

A printed leaflet posted through the letterbox can get the focus it deserves from the right people.

4. Printed material still has a clear message, purpose, and place

We live in technologically rich times where we are all connected with the digital world in some way or other. With the clarity of purpose—in other words, you know who and why you are aiming your printed material at—anything from a poster to a leaflet can hit the right spot, time and time again. In fact, in our technically rich world, having something to look at that is not on a screen can be a pleasant change in one's day.

5. Offers can be found easily and last long

Social media is fast-paced, which attracts us but also can work against us. How many times have you seen an excellent offer online but have been unsure where it was or how to access it again?

Some purchases are not made on a whim. Purchases are not always instantaneous. A leaflet or a poster advertising a great deal until the end of the month and so on can be a great way of enticing people to take another look at what you offer.

Some purchases are far more considered, and people need advice or information first. A poster or banner are just some ways that printed material can help with enticing people to approach you for information and so on.

6. Bridging your online presence with your offline one

Communicating online is one thing, but sometimes, customers may need more personal attention. Businesses that use offline, printed material and online marketing promotions are known to have a larger, and possibly more loyal base with whom to converse.

Underestimating the value of print material is something that many businesses do, but doing so is alienating a whole demographic group of people.

7. Printed material can be fun

Leaflets do not need to be boring. However, if all you are going to do is stand on street corners and wave them in people's faces, then this is all they will be.

Guerrilla marketing is the process of doing something different with your printed materials, from hosting a street party to having people in character costumes enticing people to take a fresh look at your business.

* * *

Not everyone is online nor on social media. And not everyone on social media or online wants a company selling to them nonstop. Over-egging your online pudding can spell disaster.

Printed media is just as much about how you use it, where you use, and who with than just about what is printed on the leaflet, banner, or poster.

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Seven Reasons to Use Print Marketing to Win More Business

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image of James Trotter

James Trotter is a marketing assistant at Colour Graphics, which specializes in large format print and display materials.