Research indicates that the human attention span has been plummeting for years. Whether you subscribe to that view or not, 2020 has presented all of us with new demands on our mental energy.

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That fact affects us as marketers, because we're always competing for our audience's attention. But it also affects us as professionals who need to focus effectively on our own work.

In this episode of Marketing Smarts, I talk with Rob Hatch, CEO of Owner Media Group, speaker, and author, about his new book Attention!: The power of simple decisions in a distracted world. We talk about setting up systems to help you focus, eliminate distractions, and "put success in your way."

The book offers systems, frameworks, and plenty of common-sense tips for bringing focus to your work so you can be more productive.

"I talk about 'Tomorrow Guy' or 'Last Week Guy' or 'Last Night Guy,'" explains Hatch. "'Last Night Guy' took the time (maybe it took 10 minutes) to go over my schedule today, figure out what it was I'm going to work on, what are the things that I needed, and have them ready."

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