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  • Looking for a new B2B marketing agency? This article will help you understand what goes on behind-the-scenes at an agency when your brief goes out.

  • Some 61% of marketers expect business will improve in 2024 and 41% of believe their marketing budgets will increase next year, according to a recent survey.

  • Consistent messaging helps your buyers understand your offer and also benefits your marketing and sales teams. Discover a simple process to streamline your product or service messaging to communicate your value prop clearly.

  • Advertising on LinkedIn requires a strategic approach that goes beyond mere ad placement. To truly excel, advertisers need to understand the ins and outs of the platform and its best-practices.

  • B2B software buyers say they check online reviews of products/solutions to find out about many different things, including quality, ease of use, cost effectiveness, and security, according to recent research from B2B SaaS Reviews.

  • This infographic looks at what can happen if remote workers make common cybersecurity mistakes such as failing to encrypt data and reusing passwords.

  • As you're scheduling your frantic December, add this Marketing Planning Friday Forum to your calendar! Three industry experts share how to plan the year ahead so you can delight your audience and your sales team. It's a Friday Forum so jolly, you'll be spreading marketing cheer all year long in 2024. Sponsored by Vidyard.

  • Google Ads continues to be a powerhouse among paid ad platforms, and now there's Google Analytics 4 to help you get more out of your data than ever. This article offers best-practices for using GA4 in paid media campaigns.

  • Personal branding has emerged as a crucial element for career success in numerous fields, including marketing. This episode, featuring branding expert Christine Gritmon, delves into the topic, offering valuable insights for marketers and executives.

  • Your website copy and blog posts are not meant solely for a search engine algorithm. You need an engaged audience for the content to have an effect. Marketers can learn a little something about that from live theater.

  • It's an episode of acronyms as Vin Turk joins George B. Thomas to talk about ABM and CTV for B2B. They even manage to sneak AI in there. But there's a lot more happening than alphabet soup. Check out the episode for tips on how to wrap your head around account-based marketing, new measurement mindsets, and a sea of martech that seems to be expanding by the minute.

  • This infographic provides a five-step plan for developing, executing, and optimizing an organic strategy for your website.

  • Buying decisions aren't just made on data. Even in B2B, buyers are driven by emotions! Are they making the right choice? Do they trust your organization to support them after the sale? A good story appeals to both their logic and emotions—improving relationships and boosting sales. Discover how to tell a story that persuades prospects in this live workshop with Bobby Lehew.

  • B2B go-to-market leaders say their top priority in 2024 is to strengthen alignment among their teams, according to recent research from Aptitude 8 and Ascend2.

  • Guest Jill Roberson, VP of digital marketing at digital agency Velir, and host George B. Thomas discuss the importance of adopting a digital evolution mindset. But what does that mean, exactly?

  • This article shares tips for setting up clear tone-of-voice brand guidelines, teaching your team to follow them, and checking how well you're doing.

  • How do you strike the right balance between delivering personalized marketing experiences and protecting user privacy? Is it a zero-sum game in which one goal undermines the other, or can they harmoniously coexist?

  • A survey of 1,252 workers in the United States found that meaning is the factor most strongly correlated with people wanting to stay at their job—ahead of growth, belonging, daily experience, and compensation.

  • This infographic looks at six predictions for 2024: the continued rise of social shopping, chatbots and messaging apps, social-powered customer service, different video content lengths, social intelligence, and generative AI apps.

  • In B2B marketing, professionals often find themselves at a crossroads: choosing between immediate, visible campaign results and long-term strategic planning for company longevity. That dilemma becomes even more pronounced during economic downturns. What's to be done?