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  • Since the launch of Instagram Stories, more social platforms have released ways for companies to be storytellers and make emotional connections with consumers. Which platform is right for your brand?

  • Creating a social media strategy can feel overwhelming—especially when there are so many social platforms. These tips will help you focus on the basics so you can find your audience and get up and running.

  • Facebook tests a "dislike" button (sort of); Twitter makes money (finally); why your Facebook Page may see less organic reach; are the youth are leaving Facebook?; Snapchat finally offers detailed analytics; more.

  • In this Teach Me How seminar, you'll learn how to extract social media data from common applications such as social platforms, Google Analytics, and social monitoring tools. You'll then discover how to use state-of-the-art techniques to analyze and predict what to do next for your organization's success.

  • Since 2015, Google has outpaced Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, and TripAdvisor in local business reviews, according to recent research from BrightLocal.

  • Snapchat's live video (but don't get excited), e-commerce store, and rising stock; access to Facebook Watch opens up; brand winners and losers of Super Bowl LII; Instagram's new carousel ad unit; Facebook tech determines user socioeconomic status; more.

  • Do images from fashion brands that feature certain colors tend to garner more engagement on Instagram? To find out, Corra examined more than 200,000 images posted to Instagram by 200 popular fashion brands.

  • Videos can be a smart way to build brand awareness, drive traffic, and convert visitors. Understanding how each social platform displays video can help you make your efforts more targeted and effective.

  • Don't be fooled by viral social campaigns: They look deceptively simple, but successful social campaigns require thought and strategy. Check out these simple steps to build effective social campaigns.

  • How and why Facebook (willingly) lost users for the first time ever; Twitter's Snapchat-like video feature; Instagram post-scheduling, maybe video-calling; Facebook, Google fight over news; Facebook Lead Ads; WhatsApp's massive new milestone; more!

  • Online reviews influence online sales, but how much do they also influence offline purchase behavior? Bazaarvoice looked at the ROBO (research online, buy offline) multiplier across various industries and found that consumer-generated content crosses channels.

  • Why miniprograms will replace apps and change social media; Snapchat to make its content shareable; new app v2 from Vine's founders; Yahoo's social media app for saving money; Snapchat improves app-install ad analytics; Foursquare's huge risk paid off...

  • Your social strategy in the wake of Facebook's big algorithm change; WhatsApp launches its business app; Snapchat users unhappy with redesign; Facebook's plans to become more local & declutter Messenger; micro-influencer gold; Facebook's interactive Watch Parties...

  • More and more social platforms are allowing livestreaming video because customers seem to prefer it to text posts. Which is why marketers should explore this engaging medium. See the infographic for the what, why, how, and where of livestreaming.

  • Using SlideShare for content marketing (think videos, documents, infographics, e-books, presentations...) can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. But how can marketers use SlideShare for lead generation?

  • Average star rating is what most consumers pay attention to when evaluating a local business based on its online reviews, according to recent research from BrightLocal.

  • Facebook's biggest algorithm change in years; LinkedIn's campaign to reposition; networks that Americans want to see gone; LinkedIn has new competition in Ripple; leaked Snapchat data; a new network to combat the echo chamber; more!

  • One way to get more YouTube subscribers is to work with key YouTube influencers. Another is to learn from those influencers to see how your brand can organically attract viewers—and then turn those viewers into subscribers.

  • The influencer marketing space is moving fast, and today's infographic reviews trends from the past year to help you know what to expect in 2018.

  • Influencer marketing has successfully transitioned from being considered a passing fad to being allotted a respected place in the modern marketing mix. It will continue to rapidly evolve to meet marketers' needs, so keep your eye on these five trends.