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  • Consumers in the United States rate Wegmans, Publix, and as the most socially responsible companies, according to recent research from The Harris Poll.

  • When a brand story is crafted correctly, consumers will be proud to associate with and represent your brand, and they will market it of their own volition via word-of-mouth.

  • Branding is vital in today's crowded marketplace of companies, ideas, and products. And though most of us understand visual branding with images, colors, logos, etc., few understand that sounds and music can align perfectly with brand attributes—and set your brand apart.

  • The "geographic entanglement" of your company is one aspect of its brand that you have little control over, but it can have a big influence on your buyers. See this infographic for more on the role of geography in branding.

  • Brand tracking—collecting data from a static group of consumers on a regular basis—can assess and scrutinize shifts in KPIs and consumer attitudes and behaviors. You can track and benchmark everything from brand awareness to customer satisfaction to the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

  • Consumers say the thing they dislike most about brand marketing is false, misleading, or phony advertising, according to recent research from the CMO Council and Dow Jones.

  • What do your brand's colors say about your company? Check out this infographic for tips on creating a visual identity to help your brand stand out and win customers.

  • Who doesn't love swag? Promotional products can be an effective way to make your brand name memorable to consumers. Check out this infographic for tips on which products to choose and how to calculate ROI.

  • A friend shared an image on Facebook. Intended to be a funny political meme, it instead offended many who saw it... Should she have shared that post? Could she have lost her job? Might the issue have been avoided? Are people just overly sensitive? Let's explore those questions.

  • Digital marketing experts Seth Price and Barry Feldman discuss how to balance your employees' personal brands with the corporate brand, and they share insights from their personal-branding book, The Road to Recognition: The A-to-Z Guide to Personal Branding for Accelerating Your Professional Success in The Age of Digital Media.

  • Go figure... The online reputation management industry has an image problem. So it's time to pull an Elon Musk and share a blueprint of how to do it right. These are the details you won't see anywhere in public, not even at conferences.

  • The time for personal branding is now, and today is the best day to start developing your personal brand. Here are 26 tips, from A to Z, to help your personal branding efforts.

  • Simon Perkins, director of brand marketing at The Orvis Company, tells the story of how the oldest mail-order retailer in the United States evolved into an international outdoor lifestyle retailer with more than $340 million in annual sales.

  • Rolex is the company with the best reputation among consumers worldwide, according to recent research from the Reputation Institute.

  • What do your employees actually think about your brand? Do they trust your leadership team? And when they talk about the company publicly, does what they say support or undercut your marketing goals?

  • Branding consultant and former Global Director of Creative Strategy at Coca-Cola Daryl Weber shares insights from his book, Brand Seduction: How Neuroscience Can Help Marketers Build Memorable Brands, and offers tips on how to forge emotional connections with your audience.

  • Many once-dominant brands find it tough to stay relevant today. Brand strategist Nicole Ertas offers tips for building a "free range" brand that reaches various types of buyers. She also discusses new buyer archetypes and how to appeal to each type.

  • Consumers in the United States say Google and Netflix are the most "simple" brands, according to recent research from Siegel+Gale.

  • A brand's name can make or break a business. Naming expert Mike Pile of Uppercase Branding shares his secrets for winning the high-stakes name game.

  • Consumers generally value competence more than morality when choosing between service providers, but the effect is weakened if the less competent provider is seen as an underdog, according to recent research published in the AMA's Journal of Marketing.