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  • Boo! It's Halloween, so we've got a fun reminder of some scary ways your email campaigns can end up unread, deleted, or—perhaps most terrifying of all—in the spam filter. Avoid these traps for an email campaign that treats you and your readers well.

  • As we near the end of 2017, retail faces significant profitability issues. In turn, marketers are facing pressure to capture and retain customer attention, and they're resorting to flashy new approaches. But email remains unmatched in helping to build brand, convert, and make sales.

  • There's plenty of autumn left, but the holiday season is fast approaching. You might think you still have lots of time to launch your holiday email marketing campaign, but now is the time to prepare. Check out these holiday email marketing tips from the experts.

  • Spelling mistakes, broken links, an unclear call to action... we've all received marketing emails guilty of such sins. Make sure you're not on the sending end with this checklist of 10 things to avoid in your email campaigns.

  • In a world of mass emails and stimulus overload, personalization has become critical to B2B marketing. Buyers are becoming harder to identify and increasingly like consumers: They want personalized outreach and one-to-one interaction...

  • Marketers rank message personalization and creating meaningful calls to action as the two most effective email tactics, according to recent research from Ascend2.

  • Decision science expert and creative strategist Nancy Harhut shares email secrets from her upcoming B2B Marketing Forum presentation, "9 Insanely Effective Email Tactics You Can Use Tomorrow."

  • Most American adults check both their work and personal email every few hours throughout the day, according to recent research from Adobe.

  • Email is no longer the pushy channel it once was. Now it helps marketers guide prospects and customers to find exactly what they want, providing education and useful resources all along the customer journey. See how email has been transformed from an outbound to an inbound tactic.

  • Whether you're trying to contact a prospect, pitch an investor, email a press release to an editor, or strike up a conversation with a potential employer, email is one of the best ways to connect. But what if you don't have their email address?

  • So much more goes into an email campaign than simply hitting the "send" button. Here are the numerous aspects of your entire email strategy to consider—from personalization and lead generation to cleaning up an old list.

  • Some 20% of email messages sent by marketers never make it to their intended recipients' inboxes, according to recent research from Return Path.

  • These 15 email marketing tips and best-practices (with real life examples) for e-commerce are entirely actionable, and you can easily implement them to increase your conversion rate.

  • An effective B2B email marketing strategy has much less to do with email, per se, than you might think. The best programs nurture and engage leads while also working to close deals. Which is where managing your contact database comes into play.

  • Use this checklist to make sure the copy, imagery, layout, and coding of your emails all help your email campaigns succeed.

  • Do email newsletters still work, or are they a thing of the past? See what 17 successful digital marketers have to say about the effectiveness of email newsletters for online stores.

  • Finally, some good news for marketers: Consumers' attention spans when reading email are increasing! But they still aren't all that long. This infographic by Litmus gives you tips for optimizing emails for short attention spans.

  • More emails are now opened on mobile devices than via webmail clients or desktop software, according to recent research from Return Path.

  • Why is email such a successful marketing channel? It's widespread, measurable, and easy to customize. Find out more about this ubiquitous channel with these stats, fun facts, and case studies.

  • As an email marketer, you test subject lines and calls to action for optimal performance, but are you submitting your copy to the ultimate test? If you're not testing it for readability, you may be missing out on clicks, conversions, and revenue.