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  • This infographic provides a five-step plan for developing, executing, and optimizing an organic strategy for your website.

  • B2B go-to-market leaders say their top priority in 2024 is to strengthen alignment among their teams, according to recent research from Aptitude 8 and Ascend2.

  • A survey of 1,252 workers in the United States found that meaning is the factor most strongly correlated with people wanting to stay at their job—ahead of growth, belonging, daily experience, and compensation.

  • This infographic looks at six predictions for 2024: the continued rise of social shopping, chatbots and messaging apps, social-powered customer service, different video content lengths, social intelligence, and generative AI apps.

  • How can texting help businesses with their marketing and operations? To find out, Text Request surveyed professionals across a wide range of ages and industries.

  • The median starting salary for a corporate chief marketing officer in the United States is expected to be $189,750 in 2024, according to recent research.

  • This infographic looks at what common palette, filter, and lighting choices tend to convey in marketing photography.

  • What qualities do B2B buyers find most impactful and essential in content created by vendors? To find out, researchers surveyed 824 people who have participated in a B2B buying process in the past year.

  • Some 88% of MBA grads say they feel current MBA programs need to be updated for the digital era, according to a recent survey.

  • Marketers say a wide range of data-related activities now take up their time, including collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data, according to recent research from Funnel.

  • B2B marketers say email is the channel that has the biggest impact on their multichannel strategy, according to recent research from ZoomInfo and Ascend2.

  • This infographic looks at four approaches to take for successfully developing your message: focusing on your target market, alluding to the solution you provide, keeping things simple, and differentiating when possible.

  • Nearly two-thirds of people say they give a piece of traditional mail their undivided attention while looking at it, according to a recent report.

  • Which global risks do experts believe will have the most impact on society in the near future? Is the general population worried about the same risks? To find out, AXA surveyed 3,226 experts and 19,016 members of the public.

  • This infographic looks at the share of US workers who want a raise, the size of the raise they want, and why they fear asking.

  • Furniture retailer IKEA has one of the most recognizable and well-liked brands in the world. So, what are the secrets to the company's marketing success? And what can marketers learn from its strategy?

  • Marketers estimate that nearly half of online conversations about their brand or offerings now occur on "dark" social media channels such as messaging apps and private groups, according to recent research.

  • This infographic looks at what it takes to create good surveys across four key stages: planning and scoping, authoring and creation, execution and fielding, and analysis and reporting.

  • Marketers who rate their B2B firm's influencer program as very effective are more likely to say they outsource the work, use AI, and keep the program going continually, according to recent research from TopRank Marketing and Ascend2.

  • Relying on self-reported survey respondents when conducting market research may lead to flawed data and incorrect conclusions, according to a recent comparison of different sampling methodologies.